Has the Razor passed MSVA?

          The Razor is now MSVA approved.


Do you supply fully built cars?

          Due to demand we are now supplying fully built cars.   Prices from 14,000 + engine.


What are the engine options?

          Hyabusa 1300 or KTM 525 with reverse gear


Does the Razor have a reverse gear?

          Introducing the KTM 525 engine with reverse gear for those prefer this feature.


Is the Razor only available with right hand drive?

          The Razor has both right and left hand drive options.


Can I fit my own engine?

          We will fit non-standard mounting brackets in the subframe for an additional 200.00 to accept your own specific engine.


What is the lead time on kits?

          At present the lead time is six to eight weeks.


Can a tall person fit into the Razor?

          Someone of 6 foot 5 inches tried the Razor and fitted with room to spare.



Please contact Dave if you need  further information.