The Razor is a road-legal trike and is now fully MSVA approved.


Razor Cars was founded by David Chapman who has an enviable reputation for producing top quality kit cars for the past thirty years.   The Company operates from premises in Lancashire.

The body of the Razor is manufactured from self-coloured lightweight GRP which is superbly styled and detailed.   This is bonded, at the factory, to a galvanized steel backbone chassis to ensure perfect alignment of the two.   The engine, rear swing arm, rear wheel, fuel tank etc. are all fitted to a separate sub frame which is assembled off the vehicle then attached to the chassis with just four bolts.   The seats and interior of the car are moulded into the main body leaving only the footwell moulding to be fitted by the customer.

The front suspension is seven style unequal length upper and lower wishbones and adjustable coil over shock absorbers.   Rear suspension is taken care of by Razor's own swing arm to carry the huge rear wheel and tyre and twin adjustable coil over shock absorbers.

Entry to the Razor is via the whole roof canopy which hinges up and forward assisted by a purpose built gas ram.   The two side by side mounted seats are tailored to individual customers by use of varying thickness padded panels which simply Velcro to the base, back and sides or each seat.

Once inside the Razor it feels surprisingly spacious for such a small car and all round visibility is excellent.   All electrical switches for lights, wipers, horn etc. are on the dash alongside the paddle gearshift.